An Open Letter to Ted Cruz

By | May 19, 2015

Dear Senator Ted Cruz,Ted Cruz POTUS

I’ve had my eye on you ever since you “shut down the government.” I say that with tongue in cheek because I know that you and Senator Mike Lee are not accountable for that fiasco. You and Mike are two of the few who were actually trying to keep your word, and the Washington elites figuratively crucified you both on display for all the nation to see.

I applaud you for what you did then, and I applaud you for what you are trying to do now. But I’ve seen too many liars in politics. How do I know you aren’t posing as one thing now in order to get something you want later (more power)? I have a feeling about you. I feel that you’re sincere. I feel that you’re genuine—that is why I support your candidacy for POTUS, and I plan to support you every step of the way.

But I have some serious questions for you. I hope that you’ll answer them. If you’ve already answered them before, I hope you’ll point me to your answers and reaffirm them.

Property Rights

Mr. Cruz, do you support property rights, and do you view the federal government as being constitutionally obligated to protect those rights for each and every American? I’m not talking about the “right” of people to live in a house on the top surface of land. I’m talking about true property rights. The kind that means that I actually own my property and can do with it what I will (without harming neighbors). Here is a dream that I have:

I own the water, the minerals under the surface, and I can build my house the way I want to build my house without cutting through oppressive layers of bureaucratic red tape and zoning laws. I can decide how many people live there. I can decide how many people don’t. If I can’t afford to pay a contractor to build a house (which I can’t), then I can build one myself ON MY LAND without government intervention and restriction. I dream of a future where I don’t have to seek out government permission (at any jurisdiction level) for every little thing I do on my own land.

Economic Indicators

Call me crazy, but I actually believe that our economy is and will continue to be in terrible shape until a married couple can live on one spouse’s income without needing any debt (including a mortgage, car, or student loans), and will be able to live comfortably while saving for retirement. That should be the indicator that matters. That is the true indicator of current economic health, and the indicator of future economic stability. How will you encourage a paradigm shift that will restore Americans to this principle?

Ted, I want to have a family. I want to provide for and support that family. My wife doesn’t want to have to work. She wants to nurture, teach, and raise our children, and I support her in that desire. But our political, social, and economic climate does not support that lifestyle. In fact, it practically destroys that orientation. I have zero hope that I’ll achieve that dream in my life—not without a major political and economic revolution in America that annihilates progressivism while reestablishing constitutional principles from top to bottom, inside and out.


Will you foster a political climate that is friendly and supportive of those who desire to become completely self-reliant? This ties-in closely with property rights.


Would you agree that the primary responsibility to educate children belongs to the parent? With the economy taken care of (see above), a parent could stay home to raise his/her kids. The parent should teach the kids. It isn’t the governments responsibility to interfere.

Would you completely dismantle the Department of Education along with the FAFSA program and all its associated cousins?  Will you work to ensure that student loan borrowers can include them when they declare bankruptcy? Will you reintroduce actual free-market principles into all levels of education by removing the government’s oppressive and suffocating hand? Will you foster an environment where a parent can realistically reclaim the God-given responsibility to educate his or her children without constant government interference and intimidation? Will you remove the artificial financial supports that drive tuition rates high? Will you help restore education to its purpose?

Education should primarily be a family concern. The free-market ought to provide the solutions that parents need to successfully educate their own children, and it will if the government will back off. Local communities ought to be that supportive hand that helps those families who cannot otherwise live out this ideal.


Ted, marriage is a God-appointed institution that solely exists between man and woman. You’ve said that you believe that. But will you defend that with everything that you are? Are you so convinced of the utmost importance of this institution that you would risk popularity and acclaim by refusing to support the redefinition of marriage at any level and for any reason?

If the highest courts of the land vote against God’s definition of the marriage covenant this June, will you use the office of your presidency to speak out in support of a constitutional amendment to officially define marriage as a union solely assigned to a man and a woman? Will you make this your most important social issue? I’m not asking you to overreach and abuse the executive powers. I’m simply asking you to do everything you can to support God’s most fundamental institution.

This issue is the most important issue our nation has faced since we decided that it was okay to butcher unborn children. That decision was foolish and evil. Will we make another foolish and evil decision with the institution of marriage?


Will you pray for America day and night? Will you call upon people of faith in this country to stand and defend religious freedom at all levels? Will you proclaim your belief in God from your knees in prayer and from a microphone in the oval office? Will you encourage Americans to embrace their religious principles. After all, these are the very principles that made America free, but they only work if America values them and lives them.

Will you teach the proper role of religion in government—that there should be no mandated form of religious practice, but that Judeo-Christian values and principles (the 10 commandments, etc.) should be embraced by political leaders.


Will you completely annihilate each and every foe who attacks America? Will you do it following proper constitutional limitations? Will you do it swiftly and completely? Will you encourage Americans to believe in God and pray to Him for His protection against the evils of terrorism?

Political Parties

Will you teach George Washington’s views on political parties? Will you argue for term limits for legislative leaders? Will you delete the barriers between political parties based upon party loyalties? Will you work to restore America to PRINCIPLES over interests?


Will you stop the insane mass genocide we call abortion? Do you believe that it would be within your constitutional authority to intercede if thousands of Americans were gunning down children in the streets all across the country? If yes, then do you intend to likewise intercede where thousands and thousands of would-be mothers are asking and/or paying doctors to slaughter the babies within their wombs. Will you do what it takes to eliminate all taxpayer funding to institutions like Planned Parenthood?


Will you embrace the compassionate side of the immigration issue? Will you actually make immigration easier for well-meaning individuals who wish to work and live here? Will you show compassion to the current illegal immigrants, while also showing them justice? Will you do what others have promised and failed to deliver: secure our borders?

Will you root out and eliminate all terrorism cells that exist within our borders without trampling upon the constitutional rights of all Americans?


Do you disagree with any of the sentiments I have expressed? Will you proclaim that disagreement with honesty and respect, while seeking to educate me properly with compassion?

My friend, and I do consider you to be a friend, my faith in you relies wholly upon your history of supporting and fighting for principles and values just like those I have described above. Are you in it for the duration of your life? Or are you just appealing to an audience as a marketing strategy? Is this you? Is it really you? The real you?

If so, then you have my support. 100%.

With Sincerity,

Joshua Aaron

*Note: This letter is both open and incomplete. I will continue to add questions and refinements to it until if/when Senator Ted Cruz responds. At that point, this letter will not be changed to ensure that Ted’s response is not taken out of context. 


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