Recommended Charities and Causes

The following are charities that Joshua Aaron believes in and recommends. If you know of a charity that you would like to be featured here, please Facebook chat, Tweet, or send a message in the comments below that includes a clear explanation of the mission and/or a link to the mission statement on the charity’s website.

Operation Underground Railroad

We exist to rescue children from sex trafficking. O.U.R. paves the way for permanent eradication of child sex trafficking through coordinated rescue and recovery planning. In the past three years of existence, O.U.R. has rescued 670 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 280 traffickers around the world. Missions are ongoing.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

NCOSE has a proven track record of changing corporate and government policies that previously  facilitated sexual exploitation. They expose the seamless connection between all forms of sexual exploitation. They lead the movement, change policies that exploit, and educate the public. Their yearly Dirty Dozen has produced serious results. View their successes.

LDS Charities

“Our purpose is to relieve suffering, foster self-reliance, and provide opportunities for service for people of all nationalities and religions. We depend on you to help provide funding and volunteer work for local and international efforts. We thank you for your generous help and your desire to contribute to the humanitarian cause.”

Now. Mercury One

All lives matter. The Nazarene Fund. Our mission is to rescue, restore and rebuild persecuted Christians and religious minorities who have become refugees or internally displaced by the genocide in the Middle East.