Dear C. Aaron – On Declining Standards

By | June 3, 2015

Dear C. Aaron,

I received your letter and was very happy with your worries. That statement merits an explanation.

I am not happy that you felt sadness and pain. I am, however, happy that you care about this issue.

You are absolutely right. The standards are declining, and the populace doesn’t seem to care. That disturbs me to the very core of my soul.

The root is moral relativism, and a general attitude of forgetfulness and/or outright rebellion against God.

“Moral relativism is…the idea that questions of right and wrong behavior are relative. While society in general may believe that moral relativism is a sign of progress, the Book of Mormon contains examples and teachings that warn us of the dangers of replacing God’s commandments with our own relative moral standards. It is our duty as professed disciples of Jesus Christ to live lives that run counter-grain to the trends of Babylon (the world). As the world falls into darkness, we ought to be rising into the light.” The Book of Mormon and Modern Moral Relativism

That begs the question, “Can one truly rise into the light by partaking of Babylon’s food morning, day, and night?”

How can we as professed disciples of Jesus Christ hope to overcome and conquer the world if we constantly choose to subject ourselves to Lucifer’s indoctrination? And that is exactly what we find in much of contemporary media: Lucifer’s counterfeits.

You’re right. This is not a phenomenon that exists solely outside of church membership. Indeed, it has penetrated deep into our own fellowship. How, then, do we rise into the light as the world falls into darkness?

1. We embrace chastity. We fight against the onslaught of sexual exploitation and obedience to god over timepornography. We fight to free ourselves, our families, our friends, and our neighbors from the enslavement of pornography addiction that permeates our society.

2. We honor virtue, and we support others who do likewise. We embrace the doctrine of the eternal family.

3. We live our lives (in public and in private) after the manner of a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

You weep. God also weeps–He weeps for His children. He beckons us to come unto Christ, yet we stampede to the flashing lights of Babylon like crazed animals.

You weep, but if you’ll hold on faithfully to Christ’s truth, your tears of sorrow will become tears of joy. And you’ll find that your own steadfastness served as a witness to others, which in turn helped them to discover the truth for themselves.

Your example of fortitude and unyielding dedication to Christ will be an example that others will follow. They will weep with you. Together, you will hear Jesus Christ’s reassuring words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

With Sincerity,

Joshua Aaron

This letter is a reply to C. Aaron’s letter HERE


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