Dear Joshua Aaron – On Declining Standards

By | May 19, 2015

Dear Joshua Aaron,

We recently watched a ‘PG’ rated movie with a Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin playing parts. I can’t go again and fake it like I did tonight. The occasional swearing and taking of the Lord’s name in vain is common and pretty much expected in ‘PG’ movies today. It offends me, yes. And I don’t want to pay to be offended or have the Lord disgraced in front of me. But the real danger isn’t there. The cancer and threat that has engulfed the American public and even some of the Church membership, is the most dangerous.

Consider the following:standards declining over time

  1. The disregard for chastity. This isn’t blatant. It isn’t obvious. It may not be revealing or pornographic. There may be no nudity or suggestiveness. Goldie Hawn lying in bed alone after she invited Steve Martin to have sex with her insinuates that they did it; and although we didn’t actually see it, it was implied. They wanted us to believe it happened. Is it worse to show it? Or is the suggestion that it happened and is approved of more damaging to the mind? Do people realize how this type of insinuation can later affect one’s philosophy and future outlook on life? It’s not a rapid transition. But, little by little, the permissiveness exhibited in today’s movies tends to lax ones’ commitment to that which is true and right. Little by little, it weakens a person’s stand on the important issues of morality and character.
  2. One innuendo in the film that many laughed at was how Goldie was able to tell story after story about her and Steve Martin’s relationship and lie about what was happening; that brought snickers from many people. Can we laugh at or make fun of serious consequences that can take place in life due to the effects of a lie? The incident set a precedent for those watching the film to do the same. It may not happen; it was only a movie. But how can you expect honesty from a friend or your marriage partner, when the movies depict honesty as not being the ‘in’ thing; or when revel and clamor is received for being untruthful and dishonest?
  3. The American public today is bored and eager to be entertained so they are supporting these film makers, and will continue to do so because we all have the hope one of these stars will come through with something inspiring and uplifting instead of rank and mediocre. I can’t picture a true disciple of Christ attending one of this genre of movies and being able to enjoy it, be uplifted or  entertained by it without getting offended. And if one isn’t offended? Then that person may be in the same boat with many others and be asleep to the standards, virtues, and principles that Christ would have us live and exemplify to others.

It’s hard for me. It never was easy, but it continues to get worse. The more they defile the Sabbath, chastity, and the Lord’s name…the more they deride the principles of our faith and the sacred relationships that exist between friends, spouses, families, etc., the worse I feel. I felt like crying tonight. It was sad. And it seems that nobody realized the subtle effects of the movie.

We wonder why the Lord is displeased with us as a nation and contemplate why this nation that was originally founded on a desire for religious freedom may in the not too distant future be “remodeled” by Superior Hands (don’t want to use the word ‘destroyed’). Is it because we don’t hold things that are sacred as sacred any more? The Lord must be crying and shaking His head saying, “Oh man, Oh man, how oft would I have gathered you as hen gathereth her chicks, and ye would not!” And we will not.

I’m so sorry and sad for all of us.

C. Aaron

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