Dear Mr. Beck — An Open Letter to Glenn

By | January 5, 2015

Glenn Beck


Dear Mr. Beck


I’d start with a criticism, but I think you’ve been so transparent that you’ve beaten me to the punch. I’d ask you what you hope to accomplish with your heart-to-heart speeches and self-exposing segments, but you’ve already told us the answers.

Your answers lead me to question, “Mr. Beck, was America ready for you then, and is America ready for you now?”

I hope so. I really do.

You come off as someone who is pained by the spotlight yet can’t live without it. Is that simply because it serves your purpose—because it is necessary? Are you a man who lives a life of self-sacrifice because you know that the message is more important than the man? “If not me, then who?”

Do you have an endgame, or are you simply a man doing the best you can for as long as you are able?

I’ve been a steady observer ever since you did a show on Fox News. I didn’t always agree with everything you said, but I always defended you because, as I was eager to point out, “Glenn asks the right questions.”

After all these years, I’ve questioned myself as to why I’ve felt drawn to you. What is it about you that appeals to someone like me? I think I have found my answer.

You’re sincere. You’re dedicated. You’re a man of principle. You’re imperfection striving for something better. You question everything, including yourself. You seek to submit to God. In short, you are the common man—an American who still believes in the ideals of our country’s founding.

But you have a characteristic that, sadly, is unique in your field: you ask the right questions.

I am convinced that perhaps much of your success is due to the unrelenting questioning you do to the world around you. But you don’t just ask questions to pass the time or to seem like you’re interested. You ask questions that hurt. They push buttons. They seek to uncover things that powerful people want to keep in the dark. And America owes you a great debt of gratitude because you dare.

I don’t know what the future holds. I long for Washingtonesque (George) leadership in families, towns, states, and our country. But I think that as long as the right questions keep being asked, we all might just stand a chance.  

Never relent. Press on. America is trembling with hurt and despair, but you and others like you serve to focus and give voice to the questions we all want to ask. Where others in your position might shirk the duty to ask the tough questions, you do not. And you question the answers you receive. You question and you question, and then you question some more. You are never satisfied with the shallow answers because you long to dig deep—right down to the root.

Keep pulling up the problems by the roots, Mr. Beck. Keep showing us the truth from the seeds, to the saplings, to the giant sequoias.

Onward ever onward.

Regardless of what the future holds for you, your network, and your career, never quit. Never stop. Never relent.


Joshua Aaron


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33 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Beck — An Open Letter to Glenn

  1. Carol

    Really great points and Some of the many reasons I really admire and respect Glenn.

    I have often found myself wishing that I could write a book about Glenn’s inner thoughts. How his mind works. What drives him. So many questions. I find him to be such an amazing man. One who is selfless and seems to always know the right thing to do and the right way to turn. It pains me when so many are so cruel in their references to Glenn. He is like a brother that I feel I need to protect and defend. His imperfections make him an even more honorable man.

    I met Glenn once. I will never forget it. He makes eye contact and truly looks into your soul. So different than any other person I have ever met who deals with the public. I don’t know how he does it, as opening oneself up to so many seems like it would be overwhelming. Somehow, it seems to keep him going.
    So glad you wrote something to honor Glenn. I can’t think of anyone more deserving!

    Thank you, Joshua!

    1. Joshua Aaron Post author

      Thank you, Carol. And perhaps one of the greatest tells of all is Glenn’s response to my letter: “Joshua, I pray I never dishonor your trust. But if I may: follow no man and trust ONLY God.”
      I do not esteem Glenn to be any more than a man. A good and decent man? Yes. A powerful man with a mission? Yes. A man striving to serve God? Yes! But just a man. And that is why his reply struck me so much. It is so easy to get prideful with fame and fortune, but Glenn’s response was to encourage me to focus on God. I pray that we may all be so true. Regardless of our social or economic status, may we each hold within our hearts that solemn reminder to focus on and trust in God our Eternal Father.

  2. Laura

    Mr. Aaron:
    I was so thankful you were brave enough to use the words: evil, wicked, and sin. Everyone seems afraid to use them. But they are real and a fact of life. Just like God, righteousness, and truth are real.

    Thank you for the reminder.


    1. Joshua Aaron Post author

      Thank you, Laura, for using the words God, righteousness, and truth!

  3. Lynn

    So well said, Mr. Aaron, you may be the person Glenn has been looking for. He has been looking for the next George Washington; and, you sir have summed up the reasons I have been drawn to Glenn since before his time on CNN. He is a true patriot and loves and cares about our Country and the citizens of the world. Thank you for your thoughtful letter.

    1. Joshua Aaron Post author

      Wow, Lynn. That is a very humbling gesture. George Washington is one of my greatest heroes. I love that man, warts and all.
      Thank you for your kind comment.

  4. Darlene

    It is very heartwarming to get a desperately needed break from all the lies that other present as truth (or at least try to). Your ‘letter’ echos what I, and I’m sure countless others, have felt in regard to Glenn, to our country, to our future. I too, for the first time in almost forever, feel a faint glimmer of hope. God in HIs mercy, will and is, raising up His people to stand.

    It’s so nice to not feel all alone.

    1. Joshua Aaron Post author

      I echo what you said. It truly is nice to not feel all alone.

  5. David Dixon

    Thanks for your observations and support to Glenn and his very brave and righteous crusade. I have followed Glenn’s programs from England and I am shocked at the total apathy in Europe. Everyone seems to be so busy dealing with life that they don’t want to accept just how bad things have got. They also don’t want to believe what is staring them in the face. Unfortunately for most they will not realise that they have fallen off the cliff until they meet their fate at the bottom.

    1. Joshua Aaron Post author

      When I was a young child, probably between 2-6 years old, I was hiking with my family and fell. My mother caught me by the ankle just as I was about to tumble over a cliff. She saved my life that day.
      I believe that God is completely aware of our condition, and just like my beautiful mother, His hand is stretched out still. He will save my nation and your nation (and every nation under heaven) from that disastrous fall IF we’ll repent. We repent by submitting our will to God’s will. Sort of like putting our hand in His. If we won’t repent, we’ll hit that ground hard. If the collision doesn’t kill us, then I pray that it will at least awaken us to the awful situation that we are in. Maybe then we’ll remember God.
      God bless you, and thank you for your thoughts.

  6. Doreen

    Very well said, Aaron. Thank you for putting into words how many of us feel towards Glenn Beck.

    1. Joshua Aaron Post author

      It was my pleasure. I am very thankful and humbled to learn that many Americans feel the same way.

  7. Amanda Hoskinson

    Mr Aaron,
    Like you, I was drawn to Mr Beck while at Fox.
    My friends and family see me coming and say to themselves, “oh no, what is she going to tell us about Glenn Beck today”? I will continue to do so, until they open their eyes and hearts.
    However, I believe you left out one very important aspect of Mr Beck. Additional to all the wonderful things you pointed out, he is emphatic that people do their own homework. This alone, elevates Mr Beck to a level of honesty never seen in any type of journalism.
    “Thank you” for your excellent letter regarding Glenn Beck. You do a great job pointing out Mr Beck’s excellent qualities. I would like to add one more thing….a special “thank you” to Mr Beck’s family for being a great part of his devotion. They share him with us. God Bless and take care.

  8. Shawn Mulligan

    Bravo Joshua! Well said and I agree with you fully. God bless you and may God find the grace to still bless America.

  9. John Leshe

    Joshua you are not alone my brother. Glenn Beck’s passion for the TRUTH is contagious! He is DIALED IN to the good and that is not an easy place to remain. Ironic that the good can be so painful and sometimes lonely! He is walking with a purpose and I hope and pray that he continues to TRUDGE ahead. AMEN

    1. Joshua Aaron Post author

      Thank you for your warm words and your assurance.
      God bless you.

  10. Brenda Snyder

    Thank-You and well said!!! God bless you Mr. Aaron!!

    1. Joshua Aaron Post author

      Thank you for visiting, Brenda. And thank you for your well-wishes!

    2. Amy Findore

      Hi Josh,
      I also am draw to Glenn and his hard hitting questioning of the “American way”. We have become so focused on celebrities and fashion and the creation of DRAMA, that we have lost sight of what it means to live in this wonderful nation. I, too, hope Glenn continues to ask and seek the deeper answers as to how we become the greatest country on planet, once again.
      Best wishes from one avid writer to another!


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