Glenn Beck’s Best TV Show Ever

By | August 19, 2016

There are a lot of ways to measure “best.” And the result can be entirely subjective.

All I know is that I watched an episode of the Glenn Beck Program on TheBlaze TV today that left me floored.

I’ve never seen Glenn so raw, so challenged, and so on fire in what appeared to be an authentic plea for America to not offer her very soul on an altar to the false god of a fool’s hope.

The episode I’m talking about was the one that took place on Thursday, August 18, 2016. It was the TV episode, not the radio program.

The show felt like a natural fruition of the tension the nation has felt about the choice between two seemingly corrupt candidates for president.

The show was about compromise. You see, Glenn wanted to present to the audience his idea of what we should be teaching the “hero generation,” which are those people born between 1982 and 2001. This is the generation that finds its equivalent in the american revolution, the civil war, and the great depression/WWII.

Glenn believes that this hero generation (which is my generation, by the way) will be those who bear off the burden of the collapse that is forthcoming but was delayed due to the federal government unnaturally propping up the economy.

Despite that unnatural support, Glenn said:

“It’s only a matter of time before [this hero generation will] have to act. So what should we teach [them]? I would teach:

  • Integrity. Gotta have integrity. . . . I’m saying you’re going into war. You’re going into the battle of your life and you are responsible for saving the nation if not the world. They have to have integrity.
  • They have to know history.
  • They have to have courage.
  • I have to teach them to be righteous. You have to be righteous.
  • You have to know the difference between right and wrong.
  • You have to know how to tell the difference between right and wrong.
  • You have to listen to the Spirit.
  • You have to trust God. . . .
  • You have to be somebody of merit.
  • You have to be somebody of courage and of righteousness, because the foe that we’re about to fight is so big logic tells us you cannot win. But we know, according to George Washington and our founders, if we have firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, because we are righteous people, and we know the difference between right and wrong, and we choose right every time — we are people of merit — and we listen to the Spirit, and we . . . truly trust; look, I know our back is up against the wall, there is no way to win; God is going to open a door for us. That’s when things work.
  • I would teach my children how to bring people together. Not divide. How to bring them together. I would teach them about everyone who knew anything about peace. I would equip them for war, but I would instill in their hearts all of the truths about peacemakers.
  • The last thing: I would also teach them how to compromise. Now this is where I can’t answer. This is where I want your help.”

Glenn turned over some time to the audience to ask questions and present their ideas about compromise and Trump. One audience member rather passionately stated her background coming from communism and that she believes God will direct Trump for righteousness. It sounded as though she believes it is God’s will that Trump be elected. Another man felt that Glenn was getting bogged down by irrelevant specifics concerning Trump and failing to see that at least Trump is open to positive influence, a claim Glenn soundly refuted.

Glenn responded to both of these people in the most raw and authentic fashion I have ever seen. Now, I’m one who thinks Glenn is usually authentic (for the most part, as much as can possibly be done by someone on TV and radio), but this episode was extra special.

After discussing the compromise so many people are making, and after talking about different forms of compromise, Glenn finally made a statement that I feel was one of the most powerful things he has ever said. I want you to read this and ponder these words.

“There is nothing that you can lose . . . besides your soul that is worth more than your integrity. And the thing you have left when you lose your integrity is your soul, and that’s questionable. We as a nation could . . . lose all of our money. We could lose everything! But if we have our honor and integrity, America, no matter what form [of government] is above us, we will conquer all oppressors. But we have to have our honor, our truth, our principles, and our integrity.”

I love that statement. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a real opportunity to play on the fears that people have about either of them. You and I would be foolish to not feel uneasy about either one of them in office. Many people, therefore, are being corralled into a position of voting for one because of a fear of the other. Sadly, the result of this is that they are turning a blind eye to the extreme corruption that exists in their own candidate.

To perfectly illustrate how that is happening on the Republican side, a lady said:

“I read a comment that really hit me, and the gal . . . going back to the RNC convention, . . . said, ‘The problem with . . . Cruz’s speech was not . . . the refusal to violate his values and principles. The problem was the speech itself made others realize they had violated theirs.'”

Finally, I want to pose a question that Glenn posed in the show. Let’s say (and I know this is a disturbing thought, which I apologize for) that someone takes your baby and says, “You have a choice. We can put the baby in the microwave until it pops, or we can put the baby in the blender. You choose.”

I feel like that is the choice. America, along with her freedom, is the baby that we’re handing to Clinton’s microwave or Trump’s blender. How do you compromise with that?

Compromise. It’s probably my least favorite word. That’s because in modern times it is used as an excuse to tolerate evil. But compromise is worthwhile when it is between parties that each have good, albeit conflicting, priorities. I intentionally emphasize the word “good.” I firmly believe that people of integrity and righteousness should never compromise with evil. Never. The more people who stand firmly in unity, with fortitude, on principle and refuse to budge, the greater the strength of the cause of freedom and the more success we’ll begin to have.

If you did not watch this episode, I strongly recommend it.

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