Is the Law of Attraction Real?

By | May 19, 2015

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

I know that many people follow this topic and have very strong feelings about it. Please know that while I will share my thoughts, findings, opinions, and feelings openly, they are in no way meant to be an offense against any one person. It is a “war” of ideas and ideals.  

What Is the Law of Attraction?

A few years ago there was this movie/book called The Secret that swept the world, thanks in large part to Oprah. It was very popular among sales professionals because it was taught and implied that if the salesperson thought positive thoughts and wanted it enough, he or she would get more sales and earn more money.

But, The Secret goes way above and beyond the idea of positive thinking. 

The basic idea is that there is a universal law of attraction that gives one the object of one’s sincere desire. You will reap the material rewards of your mental/spiritual energy frequency. There are even exercises for the law of attraction that are supposed to help you master it.  

It reminds me of “reap what you sow” and “ask and you shall receive” as it relates to faith in Jesus Christ. The Secret, however, is in no way a reference to faith in Jesus Christ. Rather, it is a suggestion that there is a law that exists in the universe that “like attracts like” — God isn’t the giver of the gift. This “law” exists without regard to the existence of God.  Faith in God is not a prerequisite to successfully mastering “The Secret.”

Bad Feelings

I first saw the movie during a sales training meeting at work. I still remember how I felt after watching the show. I felt as though my soul had been violated by a counterfeit truth. It was something that focused on positives — like positive thinking and belief — but completely turned the principles into selfish self-fulfillment.  

Like attracts like. Dream building on steroids. That kind of thing. This is an over-simplified way of stating it: to the degree that you are negative at the core and think negative thoughts about your desires, your life will attract negative things and push away the positive things you might otherwise desire. To the degree that you are positive at the core and think positive thoughts about your desires, your life will attract those positive things. This counterfeit has proven to be completely false in the lives of millions of people throughout time. It doesn’t matter how often you meditate with positive energy towards the concept of one day being a millionaire. You might not ever achieve that desire regardless of your attitude, your energy, and your belief.  

But let’s say that you could. Would it be worth it?

I’ll tell you a real, true principle. Nothing is free. And positive thought isn’t a high enough price for the most rewarding things in life. Ponder, then, what parts of yourself you’d have to pay to receive the object of your desire without real, genuine effort. “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground.” – God to Adam

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

Yes and no. Is it true that positive thinking can help one’s outlook and outcomes in life? Yes! Of course it can. But, is the law of attraction real? No. Not even in a vacuum. No universal law exists that demands the fulfillment of one’s desire, so long as that desire is sincere enough, or is thought about in a way that applies a “correct” method, or in a way that produces the correct frequency of positive energy. This is obviously a false doctrine and a counterfeit truth. Even if were proved to be successful in one case here or one case there, it most certainly isn’t a universal law. Why? Because true law is tied to God, and God is only bound to bless when we obey commandments that pertain to the blessing we seek. I can think of no blessings that are predicated upon being really, really good at daydreaming.

God’s truth is eternal and is not limited to the time constraints of our mortality. Yes, we sow what we reap, but it doesn’t always happen during mortality. Does the “law of attraction” purport to fulfill the demands it imposes upon itself after death? Of course not. But GOD DOES fulfill His promises now and through Eternity. 

If a person operates perfectly within this law, will they be granted life until they have received the object of their desire? What if the object of their desire is to cheat death? Can this “universal law” be counted on to fulfill? Or is that its limit; it can grant its faithful any gift up to and NOT including life?  

Is this really a law? Or, is it a great idea that people brought to market because they knew that people would “feel good” to be told that “like attracts like?” Are these people really just selling hope for profit?  

I can’t speak to the intentions of those who market this, but I can say that it is, without a doubt, a counterfeit truth. It is something having connections to true principles, but departing from them and twisting them to a selfish purpose.  

It precludes the most important player in the universe: God. And it subverts a true principle: work. 

God is not some pawn in our hands that we can manipulate and control. God is a perfect, exalted being who is omnipotent. He has a plan and a purpose for all things under heaven. While God DOES love us and want us to discover Eternal happiness, he is not bound to fulfill our every whim simply because we want it bad enough and can put enough of a positive thought to it. He is only bound to bless us when we do what He commands us. It is a covenant relationship that extends above and beyond our thoughts alone. It also requires our intent, our heart, our words, and our actions. And the fulfillment of God’s promise often requires our effort — not because He is unable, but because He loves us and wants us to do more than just receive. He also wants us to become something more than we are, which becoming requires that we act.  

The “law of attraction” is wholly inadequate to the purposes of God, and I believe that it is a philosophy that is rooted in self-deception. It is a counterfeit masquerading as truth. It is something meant to cause those would would otherwise focus on Godly things to focus on counterfeit philosophies that feel good to us for the moment, but end up cankering our souls.

The Real Secret

I encourage you to choose against this philosophy, which is able to poison your thinking and your spirit. You might find it fun to experiment with for a time, but you’ll eventually be left with little of eternal value as a result. I believe that it may rob you of your virtue, your wisdom, your intelligence, and your future — at least the future that God intends for you.

Real principles that actually are eternal include faith, hard work, diligence, the desire to learn, and humility. Apply your mind to these principles and you’ll be far better positioned to receive Godly rewards, both in mortality and in Eternity.  

Many people get caught up in this “law of attraction” as a result of a desire to be free from debt. That is a worthy cause, so I do not want to cause you to be so frustrated that you’ll not pursue that endeavor. Do pursue that endeavor! Just do it in a way that applies valid principles.  

Legitimate philosophies oriented toward genuine success aren’t going to tell you that you can get whatever you want if you just learn how to think positive thoughts. In other words, they aren’t going to lie to you. Instead, they’ll actually teach you skills that you can use your mind, your words, and your work to apply in a meaningful way.

They also will not promise you wealth with little effort. It will be challenging, and it will require some level of diligence and maybe even sacrifice. But that is the kind of effort that is worth it in the end, if you actually use what God gave you in a worthy and meaningful way.  

Only you can decide what you believe. You can achieve your desires, but not as a result of wishing it enough — that isn’t the rule. But it is up to you.

I encourage you to not spend your days simply thinking about having what you want. Instead, get to work. You’ll have to work hard for it. And that is the way it is supposed to be.


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