Blue for Sorrow

Blue for Sorrow by Joshua Aaron
The following poems with blue headers were self-published in a book called Blue for Sorrow (no longer available). I wrote most of them during periods of severe depression. I share these poems to relate and empathize with others who have similarly suffered. Hold on. There are those who understand. You are loved.

The Harsh Reality

by Joshua Aaron and Matthew Turner © 2000

The harsh reality is that we don’t always get our way.
The harsh reality is all in all I love you.
The harsh reality is some people put money before people.
And no one seems to care.

If you can carry the weight on your shoulders despite the weight your shoulders cannot bear,
you will find benediction there for you to share.

One day I caught a girl giving me “the dirty eye.”
I said to myself, “How far could this go?”
The harsh reality is that I wanted to walk the other way.
But I told myself that day,
“We could get along, her and I.”

The harsh reality is that we live for tomorrow.
Live For Today!
Why would you live for tomorrow?
I love you, and I want to share my life with you!

And if you can sing when there’s no song in your heart.
And if you can smile when your heart is drowning in a deluge of tears,
then I’m on your side.

The harsh reality is that sometimes we pick sides,
and we don’t know who to trust.
But, I had a bird sitting on my shoulder, and he said to me,
“I’m afraid of heights.”
So I told him, “You just spread your wings and fly away. Fly away, so high, like you know you could!”
And I wish I could fly! Fly away!
Turn the light on in my head.
It’s almost time for bed.
The harsh reality.

The harsh reality is sometimes you get kicked when you’re down.
Don’t get used to it.

The harsh reality is we don’t feed our children when they hunger.
They go with no shoes on their feet.
And if you can carry on and keep going despite the weight your shoulders cannot bear,
benediction will find you there.
Love will find you there,
for you to share.

Without Purpose on Purpose?

by Joshua Aaron © 2011

Is my purpose in life
to be without purpose in life?

How do I go on?

Each step,
each door,
each path
blocked or overrun by land mines.

Not in me to quit.

Am I dying
with bloody nubs for feet,
bleeding eyes,
scabbed-over hands,
cracked tongue?

Engaged in a worthy cause,
I ask not but what is usual.

Not requiring much,
I don’t get any.

Lost in my own discovery.
Found in my own madness.
Isolated by my complete awareness.
Tortured by my understanding.

I lie down. I rest.


by Joshua Aaron © 2011

I’ve heard it said, or sang, or shouted,
“Each man is an island, remote and deposed,
whose will is an SOS,
whose thought is for company without the swim,
whose guarantee of reward produces no motivation for the effort, except the guarantee come from within!”

If lost, then listen to the wind and the sea and the silence.
Take notice of the nothingness that shouts your name like the tumultuous commotion of the bombs of war.

When comes the realization that the noise is not heard, I notice my ears no more. They are useless.

To not hear within is to be without.
To be without is to hear the wind and the sea and the silence.
To hear with the ear is to be remote.

Hear, then, and be deaf.

Voice to Listen

by Joshua Aaron © 2011

The voice of purpose is largely small, slimly fat, lowly and tall.
The voice of purpose lay under them all atop the highest mount.

The voice of purpose be rare as the sand, loud and shrill with graceful command.
The voice of purpose rise tall as the ant, low in its high count.

What one desires, one does obtain if two make three about-face.
The source of the voice is not found ‘tween the highest low in all space.

Beware the legion when one will suffice, or the one when ten can be found.
When seeking the voice, the context rules, knowledge scarce will surely abound.


by Joshua Aaron © 2011

What do you do with the rope that you’ve used when your rope has come round to its end?

Do you strangle your hope with a noose tied by hand and take hold very tight and then rend?

Label You

by Joshua Aaron © 2011

You’re a person
You’re a man
You’re a woman
You’re a fan

You’re a worker
You’re a lurker
You’re a human

You’ve got passion
You’ve got poise
Helen Keller
Heard the noise

That you made
When you slammed
The promenade

Hear you’re lookin’
Into cookin’
Up more trouble
Daily double

You’re a human
Liquid lumen
Just a shell
Sound of knell

You demand to
Understand you
Make a label
Stick it on you

Read it, write it
Certify it
Livin’ by it
Can’t deny it

Elephant Chest

by Joshua Aaron © 2017

The elephant standing on my chest
affixes the rhino’s horn prodding my heart

The hippo in my fanny pack
yawns at the bison trampling my dreams

I’m lying alone on the cobblestone in November

Wintry rain wets my tears

The lights far above me
have grown distant and old

No depths below me
except the damp
and the cold

They’re lying alone on the cobblestone in November

To be continued…