Response to Mitt Romney’s Speech on Trump

By | March 4, 2016

Addressed to Mitt Romney:

I don’t know what your motives were for your speech today. I want to believe you spoke out not because of a political scheme to get an establishment candidate elected, but because you truly believe that Trump is a con man who is dangerous.

I want to be clear: I’m not one who wants you to run. From my perspective, you’re not strong enough on the fundamentals. I do love you platonically and deeply respect you as a person and a leader. But, when a bona fide and proven constitutional conservative like Ted Cruz is running for president, almost any other candidate just seems inadequate for the job.

All that being said, I am thankful that you stood up today for something so extremely important.

I know that in our day, presidential elections are so much like the Jerry Springer Show that people begin to lose faith and begin to believe that one candidate is pretty much like the rest. But, in this election I believe that we have 3 existential threats to America’s Constitution (who want to finish the work of destruction of the 1 existential threat we currently have in office). I am using the words “existential threat” as it relates to the Constitution literally, not figuratively. The 3 people I speak of are Clinton, Sanders, and Trump. With Donald Trump specifically, the damage that man can do, and would do if elected, would likely lead to a civil war, a world war, our nation’s bankruptcy, and killing millions and millions of Americans, but not before the constitution is used as toilet paper in the restrooms of the White House.

Them’s some big claims, I know.

So, thank you Mitt. I hoped you’d arrive sooner, but I’m sincerely glad you showed up. I know you probably won’t get the establishment politician you’ve been after, and I loathe the loyalty you show to “the party” as if the party itself was the important thing to save, but the honor you seem to be demonstrating right now is admirable.

Please keep it up.

Joshua Aaron
A guy who voted for you last time


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