Ted Cruz Threw Trump a YUGE Bone

By | July 21, 2016

I believe that if Trump is legit, he’ll embrace and endorse Ted Cruz’s words.

Up until this point, Trump’s biggest weakness has been that he’s not conservative, he’s a republican in name only, he doesn’t appear to sincerely believe in any conservative values, he doesn’t seem like he knows anything about the constitution or government, he seems to pretend to believe in God in order to gain votes, he’s known as a compulsive liar, he tries to crush anyone who disagrees with him, he makes Americans and our allies deeply concerned about the future, he’s believed to be corrupt, he’s been funding corrupt politicians for decades, he’s likely a narcissist or a sociopath or both, and he’s completely out of touch with most of America.

That’s the republican nominee for president. Why? Because Clinton. Because “he says it like it is.” Because he’s not politically correct. Because he’s rich. In other words, the reason Donald Trump is the nominee has nothing to do with his actual qualifications or policies. There is a good argument to be made that Trump is probably the least qualified and most dangerous republican candidate in history.

Yet Ted Cruz stands on the stage and throws the untrusted, unliked, and barely tolerated Trump a bone the size of a Titanosaur’s femur.

Trump has zero conservative credentials. He’s been a republican for like 2 minutes. Yet Cruz comes in and lays out the vision of the future of the conservative movement (when he could have justifiably laid out the case against Trump in the presence of all), setting up any intelligent, authentic conservative to capitalize on that vision. If Trump is legit, he will not only endorse every word Cruz said, but he’ll make it his mission to align with the principles Cruz set forth in word and in deed, without malice.

The ball is in Trump’s court. But instead of picking up the ball and doing what people do with it (I don’t understand the metaphor . . . something about sports), he went on the attack. He basically accused Cruz of violating the pledge, even though Trump made public his intent to violate the same pledge months ago and then viciously attacked Cruz’s family, thus making the pledge not operative for the others.

Instead of using this as an opportunity to prove that he’s a conservative and principled republican, Trump and his team and supporters at the convention are confirming that Donald J. Trump is exactly what Americans and our allies believe and fear he is.

Watch Ted Cruz’s speech below:


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