Vote For the Constitution on Super Tuesday

By | March 1, 2016

Dear People of the Super Tuesday States,


Today is Super Tuesday, the day thousands and thousands of voters show up to nominate the candidate they want to eventually get elected to serve as our president.

Time is short, so I’ll make this “letter” pretty short, too.

There is a candidate running in this election who is a bonafide constitutional conservative. I’ve never seen anyone like him. That’s probably because we haven’t had an actual constitutional conservative run in my life time.

His name is Ted Cruz.

Please vote for him.

There are other candidates in this election who are bonafide socialists; con-men who communicate like narcissistic, sociopathic fascists; and closet socialists who love to call themselves progressive and who should likely be serving a term or two in prison.

Their names are Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton.

Please do not vote for them.

As a guy from a state in the west who deeply loves America precisely because of Godly direction, principles, statements, and organization enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, I plead with you to please not vote for Bernie, Donald, or Hillary. Please. For the sake of America. For the sake of liberty and equal justice under the law. For the sake of my unborn son who deserves a chance to live free.

I don’t hate these three people. I am, however, diametrically opposed to the policies and agendas and ideals they are trying to force down America’s collective throat through deception, misdirection, Alinsky’s rules for radicals, and the con.

We’re all angry and want to restore constitutionally limited government to DC. That’s why Texas elected Ted Cruz to the Senate. And that’s why we should elect him as the next President of the United States. He’s the only one in the race with a proven record of standing up to the corruption in DC. Trump certainly hasn’t. Trump has been, in large part, the very source of that corruption. It would be the most tragic of tragedies should America choose to nominate Trump when his actual words and actions (many of which some of us are choosing to not hear or see) are primary reasons America is so angry in the first place.

We have a shot to get it right.

Please vote for Ted Cruz today; please elect the constitutional conservative.

God bless you.


Joshua Aaron


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