What Christlike Love Really Looks Like

By | August 20, 2016

Where Love Is is one of my favorite children’s hymns of all time. I think the reason I like it so much is because it accurately teaches the principle of Christlike love.

In a world where the principle of love is relegated to the carnal and the self serving, thus becoming something other than Christlike love, this song teaches how Christ’s love actually affects us. Christlike love stands apart and rises above. By the fruits of Christ’s love we are better able to know that it is Christ’s love we are observing and experiencing.

Let’s look at the song. The lyrics I want to point out are in bold.

*You’ll find a choir performance of the song at the bottom of this post.


Where love is, there God is also.
Where love is, we want to be.
Guide us, his truths to follow.
Help us obey him faithfully.

Where love is, there God is also.
We think of him reverently.
Teach us to pray, to talk with him above.
And know that he will guide us with his love.

The comfort of loving arms around us,
A song that makes us want to sing,
The happiness we feel when love has found us,
‘Tis love we get when love we bring.

Where love is, there God is also.
And with him we want to be.
Show us the way and guide us tenderly.
That we may dwell with him eternally.

You’ll notice words like obey, follow, think reverently, pray, and dwell with God. That is Christ’s love manifest in the lives of those who experience it. And that is how disciples of Christ strive to impact the lives of others as they share truth.

Disciples of Christ will try to do what Christ did. They won’t support others in their sin. Instead, they’ll hope to be instruments in God’s hands to guide others out of sin and back into Christ’s arms.

After someone feels the warmth, gentleness, kindness, and caring embrace of Christ’s matchless love, meaningful change isn’t far behind. Converted disciples know the path and the pattern. Christ’s love begets action and change and more love after its own likeness that includes thinking reverently about Him, believing in Him, praying in His name, repenting, following and obeying Him, and then dwelling with Him.

When a person allows Christ’s love to influence their life, that person will change, because of its awesome, enabling power. They’ll begin to abandon their sins. They’ll become someone and something that only Christ can help them become.

He may not immediately fix everything in their life that needs fixing, but it is virtually guaranteed that positive change will happen and that it will be noticeable.

Christlike love truly is greater than the carnal-and-self-serving-exercise-in-feel-good-rationalization-and-compromise love the world lauds these days.

Christlike love never encourages people on in their sin. It always encourages them to leave sin alone. But it does more than that.

Christ’s love changes people from the inside out.

Jesus takes the willing, broken, and lost and creates joint heirs with Christ.

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