What Christmas Means to Me

By | December 25, 2015

Jesus is Jehovah made flesh.

Jesus was sired by God our Eternal Father, and His mother was Mary, a mortal.

Jesus was born to live as an example, teach us His new covenant/law, and perform the atonement and resurrection. His atonement and resurrection redeemed us from sin and death, thus creating a path we may choose to walk back into the presence of God our Eternal Father.

Christmas is, to me, a celebration that light, even a Savior, was born into a world of darkness and despair.

Christmas is the birth of the light of hope.

Jesus wasn’t actually born in December, but that really doesn’t matter. I like celebrating His birth during this exact time of year. Why? Because everything is so cold, so dark, and so dead. And so, as it is, we celebrate the birth of the light of hope right after the shortest day of the year at winter solstice, the day with the least amount of light. From this moment on we gain more and more light. And that’s exactly what Jesus did. He brought the light of truth back into a dark world. He brought the hope of salvation and an end to endless death.

Jesus Christ brought hope, love, light, and life.

And that’s what Christmas means to me.

Merry Christmas.


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