Why I Fight Against Socialism

By | March 30, 2016

Why do I fight?

Democratic socialism, progressivism, and modern liberalism (not classical liberalism) are innovations on socialism, which is an innovation on communism. They’re all anti-America ideas. They’re all anti-Christ ideas, and their root ideator, even the man pulling the strings, is Satan.

God put forth the principles that support the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. These other ideas can’t long coexist with the liberty gifted us by God, because they do not tolerate one another.

Satan is a master at telling just enough of the truth to make his lies believable. He gleefully works to get you to believe you’re helping the cause of “equality” by supporting socialism because by so doing he brings us all in subjection to him. The ends of his control justify the means of him lying to us. Socialist states become anti-Christ states, and the death toll is staggering.

Satan has had his eye on America for such a long time. He’s been working diligently to undermine our fundamental principles and values. He knows that if America falls for his lies, the world is his playground to a degree we’ve never imagined.

God is better than socialism. We’re better than socialism. Let’s leave it alone.


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